Owls, Woodpeckers

Barn Owl  
2008 - The provision of nest boxes has at last paid off, with the first proven breeding record in the area. Birds reported from another location had probably bred just outside the recording area.
Long-eared Owl
2008 - Another excellent year, with at least 11 pairs breeding at six locations, including two new ones. The number of young wasn’t reported, but is likely to have been in line with last year’s 31. An additional bird was seen during the breeding season in the Ilkley area, and there were apparent wintering birds near Barden in October, and Snaygill in December.
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
2008 - As usual, most records came from the Shipley area and involved single birds. These were seen or heard fairly regularly between late January and the end of May at Northcliffe, Dowley Gap, Bull Coppy Wood, Crook Farm and Hirst Wood. A pair was found at the last location, and successfully bred there. Other records came from Farnley, Ogden, Middleton and Glovershaw.
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