June Sightings

June 2016  
The first week was dry and very warm, but a significant change brought three weeks of mixed weather including rain and strong winds. The birding highlight was undoubtedly a pair of Grasshopper Warblers, first seen on the 4th and 5th, and later as they took food to a nest near Birch Close Lane. Reed Warblers were in residence at Chevin Park, Menston and at Stockbridge where a Garden Warbler and two pairs of Whitethroat, one of which was seen feeding three recently fledged young. Whitethroats were also reported from a number of locations, including Dowley Gap, Bingley South Bog, Bingley Grammar School, Weecher Reservoir and a couple of places on Otley Chevin where adults were carrying food.

In the first half of the month Cuckoos were reported from Ogden, Goit Stock and the Silsden area where a Tree Pipit was also seen. The Stonechats at Whetstone Gate were watched feeding two juveniles whilst other pairs were located at Low Snowden and Sconce.

Ravens were seen around the reservoirs at Warley Moor and Keighley Moor and a family of four birds flew over Low Snowden (18th). At Birch Close, adult Grey Partridges were seen to scatter when they were disturbed by a horse-rider and their tiny brood was left unprotected. Fortunately, the fledglings melted into the long grass and all was well. 

Lesser Black-backed Gull numbers built up at Thornton Moor with a maximum 700 in the roost whilst 200 Swifts fed over the open water (26th). A week earlier, during a period of observation at Leeshaw, 148 Herring Gulls flew northwestwards. Another bird which flew in this direction was a Black-tailed Godwit which passed over Low Moor (20th). Other records which mentioned waders involved Common Sandpipers on the Wharfe and at reservoirs in the south of the area, and two Ringed Plovers at Keighley Moor Reservoir (5th).

A late evening spent watching Woodcocks at Heather Park, St. Ives produced a total of 16 flypasts with two birds flying together. The cutting of grass for silage at Hawksworth attracted an influx of eight Red Kites, and local knowledge enabled a Queensbury member to record events at a Long-eared Owl site.
June Images
Little Ringed Plover - Brian Sumners
Grasshopper Warbler - Stephen Lilley
June 2015   
The weather during June was disappointing. The cool spell, that had dominated the month, only gave way to warmer, more seasonal weather in the final few days.

A Yellow Wagtail was photographed on the Wharfe at Knotford whilst a creche consisting of 14 juvenile Goosanders was seen battling the conditions. Ring Ouzels were in evidence at Lower Barden where two males and a couple of juveniles were reported. A Cuckoo was occasionally heard in this area and also at Glovershaw, around Ilkley Moor, Hazlewood Moor, Timble and at St. Ives where there were possible a couple of birds.

Breeding warblers were well-reported with a pair of Reeds at Stockbridge and at least two pairs at Otley Wetland. Three Sedge Warblers found the conditions on Soil Hill to their liking but there was a dearth of Wood Warblers, the only report was of a couple of singing males at Heber’s Ghyll. Grasshopper Warblers were recorded at Timble and Stockbridge, but Garden Warblers were heard at East Riddlesden Hall, Stockbridge, Glovershaw, Low Barden and Otley Wetland. Certainly one of the most widely reported species was the Whitethroat which was in residence at East Riddlesden, Hewenden, Low Snowden, Storiths, Stockbridge and St. Ives. At Otley Wetland, Glovershaw and Denholme Clough more than one singing male was located.

Stonechats bred successfully at three locations: Lower Barden and Low Snowden where adults were seen with a couple of juveniles and at Sconce where adults were attending to three young. It appears that Whinchats have also attempted breeding on Hazlewood Moor where they were last successful in 2008.
Spotted Flycatchers could be seen along the Wharfe in Strd Wood and further north at Barden and also in the Hazlewood village area.

A Garganey, in eclipsed plumage, spent three days at Redcar Tarn and a female Mandarin with four juveniles was on the river at Knotford (11th) whilst two family groups of Great Crested Grebes were watched. Two Dunlin and a couple of Ringed Plovers were seen at Leeshaw (30th) and an adult Golden Plovers was feeding with two juveniles on Baildon Golf Course (13th). This was on the day that a Raven, chased by Meadow Pipits flew across this area.
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