Reporting Policy


For the duration of the breeding season, raptors and other breeding birds that may be sensitive to disturbance will not be reported on the Daily Sightings Blog. Resident birds that are still on their territories outside the breeding season will also not be reported if disturbance or persecution is likely

We do still welcome records of these species as the information will be used in our Annual Report

Non-breeding birds seen migrating over-head or that are obviously away from suitable breeding habitat may be reported but this will be made clear on the Blog. If there is any doubt, the news will not be reported.

The list of sensitive species that breed or may breed in the Reporting Area includes: -

   - All raptors except for Kestrel and Sparrowhawk,
   - Short-eared Owl, Long-eared Owl and Barn Owl
   - Raven
   - Nightjar
   - Lesser-spotted Woodpecker
   - Little-ringed Plover
   - Black Redstart

Other rare or uncommon birds discovered in suitable breeding habitat would be included on the list as necessary.

The phrase 'Undisclosed Location' will not be used on the Blog to report sensitive species to avoid the potential scouring of possible sites to discover the bird's location.

Commoner breeding species may also be included on the list in certain cases particularly if their presence is likely to attract significant attention which could lead to disturbance. e.g. Wood Warbler breeding away from the established site at Strid Woods. There are other situations that may warrant the withholding of information on the Daily Sightings Blog.These could include rare birds turning up on private property, gardens or at the Members Only Reserves. The permission of the owner would be sought before news is published.

If there is doubt as to whether a sighting should be reported or not on the Blog, the news would be delayed until advice is sought from the Group Committee or Record Committee. 
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