2017 Records

2018 Records
Bradford Ornithological Group has been publishing an Annual report since 1987.  We are very proud of this achievement and we would like there to be more such reports in the future.  This can only be achieved if we continue to record local bird activity.  We therefore appeal to all birders to send us details of what has been seen.  Locally collected data, not only allows us to judge the current status of birds in the area, but it will be fed into systems held by regional and national organisations.

During 2018 we are particularly keen to know about the following:
  • Tell us about sites where Swifts and House Martins are nesting.
  • Where are the rookeries this year?  How many nests are occupied.
  • We are interested in all breeding birds.  Tell us what you've seen, particularly if you have details of young birds.
  • Certain species have declined in our area. If you see any of the following, then please tell us:  Yellow Wagtail, Yellowhammer and Lesser Whitethroat.
There are many ways to pass your sightings to us.
Fill in the on-line form click here,
E-mail us at: recorder@bradfordbirding.org.

If you prefer to wait until later in the year, send us your data as an Excel worksheet and we'll do the rest.
Deadline for annual records is 31st December.

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